Forgiveness; a necessary process? (part 2)

The health benefits of forgiveness

Mind-scientists have discovered that there is a strong mind and body link, some going as far as saying that there’s a possibility that both are so interconnected that there may not be a clear boundary between the two.

What effect could letting go of a grudge have on our health. After all the baggafe and weight that pulls us down, what would happen if its lifted, or made to remain for a long time. Would our systems benefit or suffer as a result.

Turns out that there are numerous benefits for forgiving infact. We might find that we are enjoying:


  • Healthier relationships. who doesn’t want improved social functioning and a sense  of belongingness? There’s even research saying it could significantly improve our quality of life and even make us live longer.
  • Better mental health and a sense of connectedness.
  • Less anxiety and stress and anger; Yes that literally means we’re nicer people to ourselves and to others.
  • Lower blood pressure; remember the mind=body link we just talked about?
  • Stronger immune systems; the new field of psychoneuroimmunology seems to be getting some headway.  
  • a healthier heart, a calmer we, means a calmer heart.
  • Higher self-esteem, after all others in the animal kingdom can’t forgive, it must mean something to be human and capable of forgiving, right?


What could happen if we can’t forgive?

There are numerous downsides to being unable to forgive, especially if we find ourselves mostly unwilling to forgive others or ourselves.

  • Relive the anger and bitterness in every new relationship. Yes if something affects our belief system we could actually percieve every new situaioin from the same lens, so as to speak.
  • Get caught up in the “it’s not fair battle, why did this happen to me” and lose sight of the present.
  • Actually start suffering from a mental health issue.

I think you get the general idea about what’s being said here.

Ready to forgive? Do you know what’s needed to start the process? Read on…

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