Emotional Abuse: the insidious enemy


“A child suffers in silence and pretends to pay attention in the classroom. Inside he does not know why he is feeling so bad…. His parents can see that things are getting harder and harder for him. Once a student with straight As, he can barely get a passing grade.“

“A homemaker sits alone and sighs deeply. She has just completed a heavy load of housework and she can recall a time when getting all her work done would leave a lingering sense of satisfaction and pride in her abilities. Now it makes no difference to her. All she can feel is a heavy burden, a cloud of sorts on her mind.”

Most of us don’t know what emotional violence is and how it affects our lives. We naively assume that since there are no physical marks, as is the case with physical abuse, there would be no long lasting effects of these words and behaviors. Perhaps this is why, we as a society, might seemingly provide more sympathy to those suffering from physical abuse.

Emotional abuse is characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Even if this abuse does not result in longer-term clinical disorders it can profoundly affect our sense of self and our abilities and capabilities and set us up to perceive life as more challenging and stressful than what is normally is. The well of painful emotions may cause us to become suicidal, or resort to self-harming behavior. They lose interest in daily activity and some time in life.


In our daily life we all face emotional violence; sometimes from our parents, siblings, friends and teachers, in marital relationships and in our professional lives, It’s important to know how emotional violence affects us. How we feel as a result of it and how it can affect our daily routine.

Are we emotionally abusive to those around us, or are we suffering silently from emotional abuse ourselves?

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