Women’s Harassment at the work place in Pakistan


In this industrial and capitalist era where employment is the need of each and every individual of household, there comes the serious problem of harassment at work places in offices, factories, schools and other bureaucratic institutions. The increased harassment in workplace has been a major issue under discussion by human rights organizations.

Research tells that in male-dominate jobs, women are more prone to cases of harassment. The male employees are in some societies habitual of sexual jokes, in this way they sexualize the work place, and the situation becomes worse when females participate in them. This creates chaos and confusion resulting in psychological distress for women. Complaints about headache, severe neck pain, back pain, digestion problems, chronic stress and physical weaknesses have been reported.

In another case, those women who are more competitive in the market place are vulnerable to be harassed by men, as they want to be assertive on job. Therefore, men may engage in leg pulling and back biting. Consequences of this attitude spreads rumors and defames women’s’ character. Labeling them as  “characterless” women is a social evil that needs to be eradicated & solved. Thus, the attack on women’s character has been a very serious flaw of some people in society. Such behavior needs to be corrected and people needs to be educated in this regard. For the sake of official positions men should not forget ethical and normative means to gain more benefits and profits /Payoffs.

Considering women only as sex-tools and glamorous icons is the misperception of, some of today’s modernized society. Due to these reasons women of today are over qualified, yet are sometimes unable to attain or keep jobs of higher position in any organizations. A balance between the professional work and domestic work in some industrialized societies is urgently required. Social scientists are probing the fact that the consequences of not being able to attain this balance, will force the present generation and the future ones to confront newer levels of challenges.  Those ladies, who have successfully managed both the worlds i.e. of work and home, are entitled as “Super Moms”.

Gender pay gap is another issue effecting women’s worth at the work place. Working for low wages for long hours and then still earning lesser then their male counterparts is also a form of harassment, leading to women’s ignorance and devaluation in the workplace. Research shows that women only get out of homes when there is any kind of emergency, so as a result they are submissive and emotional at the workplace which gives men more chances to involve them in any kind of sexual act. Subliminal messages and other sexual hints by males negatively affect their work performance.

Labor Unions and other women based organizations have been working for the rights of women. Proper counseling to hear and help solve their issues of them, have been initiated in many areas of Pakistan. Good governance and maintenance of healthy office environment for both male and females is being implemented. Although it is a good start, there is still far to go for these organizations to make a significant impact to improving women’s condition in today’s society

The following post has been authored by a guest blogger. The views reflected in this blog are strictly the author’s own. 

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