About Rozan Helpline

This is the official blog for the Rozan Helpline. Here you will find articles about mental health issues and their solutions, all directly authored by mental health experts presently engaged as Clinical and Counseling Psychologists.

ROZAN helpline is one of its kinds across country free-of-cost counseling service. It is our mission to provide high quality and free counseling services to people experiencing psychological, emotional, personal or interpersonal issues because we believe that MENTAL HEALTH is a NEED not LUXURY. It does not matter what age, gender or ethnicity you are, we believe that it is your right to be heard. At ROZAN helpline, free does not equate low quality, on the contrary, we strive for excellence at every level. Our trained and fully capable counselors are constantly brushing up their skills with the help of internationally acclaimed gurus of the field. ROZAN helpline offers counseling through various mediums; in-person, e-mail and telephone. In every mode, confidentiality and identity is completely protected so that YOU CAN TALK.

If you believe that you have a problem, we can help with, then contact us at our toll free number; 0800-22444 from PTCL anywhere in Pakistan. Don’t have PTCL? No problem, you can use our mobile numbers: 03360822444, 03034442288 and if you believe that you are more of a face-to-face person? Avail our in-person counseling services. If telephone or physical interaction is not your thing then write to us at helpline@rozan.org. If you have any questions or queries, shoot us a message and we will get back to you. MENTAL HEALTH is your right; DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise. IT IS YOUR TIME TO BE HEARD


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